Visits of the Abbey – Old

Abbaye Note-Dame de Sénanque

Situated, since the 12th century, deep in its Provençal valley, the Abbey of Sénanque is one of the most pure examples of the primitive Cistercian architecture.

As 900 years ago, the Abbey shelters a community of Cistercian monks who lived according to the rule of Saint Benedict.

Seven times per day, the community gathers together in the abbey church to pray.

The monks of Sénanque, in a spirit of sharing, open the doors of their abbey to visitors : during the visit, you can admire the abbey church, the ancient dormitory, the cloister, the warming room and the chapter house, built in the 12th and 13th centuries.

To allow most of people to visit that exceptional heritage, the entrance price is the same for several years.

The admission fees contribute to maintain and restore the Abbey of Sénanque.

Visits of the Abbey – Individuals

The abbey is closed from January 10 to 31, 2019

From the 1st to the 28th of February 2019

Guided tours in French during 1 hour :

  • From Monday to Saturday : 10:30, 14:15 and 15h30
  • Sundays : 14:15 and 15:30

Unguided Tours :

  • From 10:00 to 11:30 (last entrance at 11:00), except on Sundays
  • From 14:00 to 17:00 (last entrance at 16:30), everyday

On Sundays : no unguided tours the morning, mass at 10:00 in the winter chapel of the monastery

Visitors can get information in a brochure (9 languages: French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Japanese and Chinese)


– Adult : 7,50 €
– Student (from 18 to 25 years, on presentation of the card) : 5 €
– Child (from 6 to 17 years): 3,50 €, free from the 3rd child under 18 years old with his/her parents.
– Free for child under 6, for guides (on presentation of the card), for priests and members of a religious order

The guided tour, which lasts 1 hour, is only in French, except for groups.

Timetables of the visit of the abbey – Individuals

Horaires des visites guidées
Horaires des visites non guidées
Janvier - Février - Mars - Novembre - Décembre
Fermeture le 1er Janvier
Du lundi au samedi : 10h30, 13h, 14h15, 15h30
Le Dimanche : 14h15, 15h30
Du lundi au samedi : Entre 10h et 11h
Absence de visite non guidée le dimanche
Avril - Mai - Septembre - Octobre
Fermeture le 10 Avril ( Vendredi Saint ) et le 21 Mai au matin ( Ascension )
Du lundi au samedi : 10h30, 13h30, 14h30, 15h30, 16h30
Le Dimanche et 21 Mai : 14h30, 15h30, 16h30
Du lundi au samedi : Entre 09h30 et 11h
Absence de visite non guidée le dimanche
Juin - Juillet - Août
Fermeture le 15 Août au matin ( Assomption )
Du lundi au samedi : 10h, 10h30, 13h, 13h30, 14h, 14h30, 15h, 15h30, 16h, 16h30, 17h
Le Dimanche et 15 Août : 14h, 14h30, 15h, 15h30, 16h, 16h30, 17h
Du lundi au samedi : Entre 09h et 11h
Absence de visite non guidée le dimanche

Visits of the Abbey – Groups & Schools

The guided tour lasts 1 hour and can be in French, English or Spanish.

A guide of the abbey or your own professional guide always accompanies the group. On booking only, by phone or by email, confirmed by us.

Contact : – 00 33 4 90 72 18 24

Rates for groups

From April to September
– Package of 20 visitors + the guide of the abbey : 145€
– Package of 20 visitors + your own professional guide : 105€
– Additional visitor : 6.50 € – Maximum 50 persons per group – Visits in French, English and Spanish

From October to March
– Package of 15 visitors + the guide of the abbey : 105€
– Package of 15 visitors + your own professional guide : 65€
– Additional visitor : 6€ – Maximum 50 persons per group – Visits in French, English and Spanish

Rates for schools

Rates for a school group : 120€
Group of 30 students under 18 years old maximum and 5 adults – Additional adult : 6,50€

Terms and methods of payment – Groups & Schools

Down payment of the package on booking, 60 days maximum before the visit – Additional tickets the day of the visit or with voucher and invoice – By bank transfer or credit card
– 15 days before the visit, refund at 100 %
– special cases : contact us

Timetables of the visit of the abbey – Groups & Schools

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Be guide at Senanque

Before being a touristic site, the Abbey of Sénanque is a place of monastic life.

For all that, the monks are happy to open and share this architectural jewel with visitors. That’s why visits, with a guide or not, are organized all over the year.

The abbey offers jobs for guides, from April to September.

The assignment is for professional guides or students in history searching for a work placement.

We don’t have the possibility to accommodate the seasonal guides.

Please send your application and curriculum vitae to :

Lapidary signs

Silent witnesses of the accomplish work, about 2600 lapidary marks are present in Sénanque. Thanks to this signs, the stonemason could be payed.

It can also be a signature, as “publicity” for the mason or his working group.

Tache Sénanque
Tacheron Sénanque

Useful informations

The Abbey of Sénanque is a place of a monastic life : it’s important to respect the spirit of silence and prayers. Proper dress code is required.

Seeing as there are many stairs in the medieval abbey, the access for disabled persons is particularly difficult and impossible with a wheelchair. The community of the monks of Sénanque undertakes a program of restoration to make the abbey accessible to disabled persons.

Dogs and other pets are not allowed inside the abbey (except assistance dogs).

Shooting informations

Photos for personal use, without tripod, are allowed even during the visits.

Photos or videos shooting with models, extras or professional equipment (tripod, lightning, etc.) are forbidden inside and outside of the abbey.
No photo, no video, no sound recording during the services.
The access to the lavender fields is forbidden in order to preserve the harvest of the monks of Sénanque.
Every commercial use of the image or the name of the Abbey of Sénanque is strictly forbidden.
The drone’s overflights are strictly forbidden in the valley and over the abbey.